The School Counselor’s Role

  1. Provides counseling for students who encounter obstacles to learning.
  2. Monitors student progress and provides support.
  3. Makes counseling services readily available and is an advocate for all students.
  4. Responds immediately to students, school staff and parents in crisis situations.
  5. Applies knowledge of individual differences and diverse populations to interact effectively.
  6. Assists students and their parents with educational planning and career development.
  7. Collaborates with teachers in the implementation of guidance activities.
  8. Provides career and educational opportunity information to all students.
  9. Makes singular decisions regarding placement or retention;
  10. Serves as the head of the child study team for students struggling with education
  11. Coordinates, writes, and supervises the implementation of the intervention plan
  12. Encourages family involvement in the educational process;
  13. Consults and collaborates with staff and families to understand the needs of a student
  14. Advocates for students in the school and in the community;
  15. Contributes to the school’s multidisciplinary team within the scope and practice of the comprehensive school
    counseling program to identify students who may need to be assessed to determine special education needs
  16. Provides short-term, goal-focused counseling
  17. Provides assistance with developing academic, transition, and postsecondary plans for students