Registration Policy

Registration/Re-enrollment conditions for Parents:

  1. All applicants, returning or new students, must submit the required documents and complete the necessary processes of the school (such as the admissions test when applicable).
  2. If a student is accepted, the parents must visit the Registration Departmentto pay a KD. 100/- (registration fee), and submit a stamped copy the Certificate of Good Conduct from the previous school within 3 days of the acceptance notification. Failure to do so results in the registration being cancelled. Also, according to the Ministry of Private Education circulars, the parents should submit the transfer certificate and medical file from the previous school/school clinic at the beginning of June of the current school year.
  3. Parents must submit medical information about each child enrolled and make clear reference to any medical conditions or previous serious medical history. The school reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration if this information is not submitted (without any liability on the school). A complete medical file must be submitted when transferring from another school.
  4. Only the father has the right to register or withdraw his child from the school.
  5. In case of divorce or a parent’s death (God forbid) please submit the custody certificate/ death certificate accordingly. Also, a certificate of which parent has the authority to make educational decisions is required (Legal Guardianship)
  6. Once the re-enrollment dates are announced by the school administration, parents are requested to visit the Registration Department to complete the re-enrollment form and pay a KD.100 re-enrollment fee; this secures places for your child/ren during the specified registration period.

According to the Ministry of Private Education policies, the school is not obliged to re-enroll students who miss the re-enrollment dates.

  1. If parents do not want to re-enroll their child/ren they must visit the Registration Department in person to complete the necessary form.
  2. Accepted students must attend school within the first four days of the official start of the school year.  Parents must inform the school in advance if their child/ren will be late for the beginning of the academic year.  On the fifth day of absence without notification to the school, the child will removed from the school registration and the place will be given to another child.
  3. In case of any changes (emergency contacts home address or mobile/home phone numbers), please notify the Registration Department.
  4. The school tuition fees can be increased according to the Ministry of Private Education decisions.