Welcome to the Student Support Services!!!

Welcome to a new and exciting year at Global Bilingual Academy.  In our continuing efforts to provide your child with all the opportunities to succeed, we are introducing the Student Support Services Department. It includes Counseling, the English as a Second Language (ESL) program and the Reading Intervention program.

 Vision Statement

Students graduating from GBA are well-balanced individuals who are prepared to go to college and achieve their goals.

Our students are proud of their culture and their identity. They think globally, critically, possess self-awareness and accept personal responsibility.

They have acquired a love for learning and inquiry, are able to work collaboratively and adapt to change. These qualities will help them to be lifelong learners as well as leaders in a fast changing society.

Mission Statement

GBA Student Support Department’s mission is to provide a data-driven support program that will address individual students’ academic, social, emotional and personal needs for each grade level. The program will make use of different types of assessments (standardized and needs assessments), ESL strategies, differentiated instruction and technology.

As per GBA’s Mission Statement, this department’s program will also emphasize sustaining a positive school climate where students feel safe and valued. In collaboration with the school administration, teachers, parents and the community, we aim to provide students with experiences that will teach them self-awareness, critical thinking skills and personal responsibility.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides support for students in the following areas:

•      Counseling Services (including Crisis Intervention)

•      ESL / Reading Support

•      Academic Support (Child Study Team and Academic Study Club)

•      Guidance Services (High School)

•      Gifted/ Talented Program


Support Services Brochure


Looking forward to a great school year,

Ms. Christiane El-Haddad

Student Support Services Coordinator

Phone: (00) 965 2220-6844 – EXT 114

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The reason we exist….is to serve our students!