Elementary Facilities


The elementary school encompasses grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 for the 2014-2015 school year.  The plan is to add one grade level per year.  Global Bilingual Academy is committed to providing a strong academic curriculum while encouraging each student’s overall development. Students are taught in self-contained classrooms. It is important to create an environment in which our dedicated teachers can actively encourage each student to achieve his or her full academic potential, explore creative abilities, develop physical talents, and become a productive and responsible individual.  Students learn in a wide variety of settings through the use of diverse tools and methods.


Our challenging language arts curriculum provides students with an understanding of the mechanics and intricacies of the English language with an emphasis on reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening skills. The math program emphasizes problem solving and computational strategies, number sense, geometry, patterning, and probability.  The core academic program in the English Language includes language arts, mathematics, and science.


Students in the elementary school also have special classes.  Specialists in physical education, technology, and art add to the curriculum and provide students with a wide range of knowledge and experiences to contribute to their overall education. Computer classes provide students with the skills necessary to be competitive in our highly technological world. Core subject areas are often integrated with computer lessons to teach computer skills while working toward subject-specific goals.