Global Action Against Bullying





Play Nice! Be Safe


Bullying is an ongoing problem in schools all over the world. It is a serious issue that may affect students’ emotional health and have a serious damaging impact on their learning.  Our mission at GBAS is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where our children can develop and grow. Achieving these goals means a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bullying. Bullying is NOT accepted in our school. On the other hand, empathy and conflict resolution are skills we emphasize when we help our students to solve different issues.


We teach our children to be aware of actions and words that are either “Friendly” or “Unfriendly”. If it is “Unfriendly”, done on purpose and repeated, then it is Bullying and we have to say STOP.



Throughout the following 2 months of December and January, your children will participate in activities that will teach them about empathy and what bullying is. The more familiar the children are with the bullying definition, the more likely they are to stand up to bullying (for themselves and others), report the bullying to an adult, and change their own bullying behaviors.